16 Apr Welcome to Stacey Jackson.com!


Hi Gorgeous StaeFriends!

I can hardly believe it myself, but I’m soooo excited to announce my all new StaeTastic website is up and running. Check out staceyjackson.com all ready, set, go go go to house all the music (StaeRox), the blog (StaeFab), press features (StaeInTheNews), plus StaeInspired, for those who want to know more…

I am really exited about my new single “How Much Is That Hottie In The Window” which features the super-talented Andrew Derbyshire.


The track is a pumping tune and we are gearing up for a summer smash hit! Keep your eyes and ears alert for the new video and the live “Hottie in the Window” tour this summer.

SJ Contest BLUE

For those of you creative types out there, we are running a cover art competition for the single sleeve! Please click HERE for more information to win an Ipod NANO plus a £50 Itunes voucher!

The summer release is also scheduled around the launch of my new fitness range called StaeFit! It will be available through various channels including my website as of this summer.


The StaeFit tops, which address a number of issues women have while working out, is so unique — it’s actually PATENT PENDING!! Yay! Keep an eye out for its debut!

Pre-orders for the tops will be available in advance – more info coming soon!


It hasn’t been all work work work, I did have a fabulous holiday skiing in the French Alps.


A romp in New York city catching a whole bunch of fabulous new musicals on Broadway! Plus, a spectacular weekend in Rome to celebrate a millstone birthday with my hubby!


I was also a guest on the red carpet at the phenomenal Lungta De Fancy fashion show – an amazing Japanese designer whose white laser cut gown I am wearing in this amazing photoshoot above!


I also happened to have run into my friend, Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea with his gorgeous girlfriend Lauren Hutton at the salon a few weeks back.

He was sporting his new silver highlights — which probably would have worked real well when he was channeling his best “50 Shades of Grey” in my Pointing Fingers video!


You can find a lot more StaeFabulousness on my Instagram, such as this week’s run in with Sam Smith! #StaeWithMe

Anyway – StaeInTouch everyone! And visit me on Facebook, TwitterInstagram & Soundcloud!

Love ya loads,

Stae xx