Let Yourself Go – On Holidays!

19 Dec Let Yourself Go – On Holidays!

You thought I meant something else right?  Creating good daily habits is, in my view the only way to keep focussed and healthy, and it’s just as important when one is on holidays!  My family often travels, and we are adamant to ensure that we all keep as fit as we can – it can be as simple as ensuring we go for a walk and get out and about doing activities together – not only is it good family time, but it’s the best way to discover new places! We all know that eating habits can also fall down during holidays – that extra glass of wine and chocolate may sneak into the mix, but that’s completely normal!


Here’s some food for thought while on holidays to ensure you keep up that exercise!


  1. Keep the workout simple – and best to do in the If you need a cardio workout, a brisk walk or run is the simplest way to get moving.  You can alternate this routine with some push ups, body weight squats – even if its 10 – 15 minutes each morning, it’s got you moving!
  2. Stop excuses! Holidays do not mean, “Let yourself go!” Remember, it will just be that little more challenging to get back into an exercise regime when you get home, so keeping up with a level of will be far less painful when you are back at
  3. Walk, walk, and walk to your destination! It’s soo easy to simply walk during the   It is not only a way to keep up your fitness, but it’s also the best way to see the sights along the way!
  4. Portion control!  It’s not good to deny yourself treats, especially while on holidays, but it’s good to keep mindful about how much you are   Less is more, and no less delicious!  If you do over-indulge – maybe try for an extra walk the following day.
  5. Now “ let yourself go!” Dance; be happy – you’re on holidays!  So many destinations offer great street music and buskers… so if you are surrounded by music – a little jig doesn’t go astray! Lets go of all those inhibitions and dance – you’re in a new place, so who are you going to see again?