In my shoes.

06 Jun In my shoes.

OK, I’m guilty…guilty of loving shoes (yes, I’m such a girlie girl!)  I recently did a clean out of my shoe cupboard and not only was it a cathartic experience but a great trip down memory lane!

My glitz & glitter days of when I went out on my first tour as a pop singer were highlighted in the HUGE heels and sparkly shoes. Some heels were soooo high, I’m not even sure how I ever danced in them – let alone walked! But to get height (as I’m really vertically challenged!), they’ve been my best friends all these years!

From the time I was a little girl (I’m sure Cinderella had something to do with it) – the romance, the sexiness & positive feeling one gets from a shoe is something I get a buzz from. And they are filled with memories! I know I had FABULOUS shoes on when on my first date with my husband (sling back pumps from Aldo) that just added to the most amazing day of my life. (My prince charming  :))

Here is what some of my shoes reminded me of:

The night I did my first gig – my sparkling stiletto heels that made me feel so rock star!

My first Asics– my go-to fitness shoe that felt so good to work out in! (The right gear is part of the recipe to exercising)

My Airplane shoes – Running from gate to gate but I still need to look & feel fab which I where my Hogan sneakers have become my go-to shoes.

My Red Carpet shoes… my favourite Louboutin that of course makes me feel simply faaabulous while smiling for those cameras!

The best part I found was rediscovering all the stuff I already have – it was like going shopping in my own cupboard! There is nothing like a good “Spring clean”, and, of course shoes.

Stae x