18 Dec Happy Holidays!

As usual, never a dull moment in Stae-Land… My car got stolen in the middle of the night and to the credit of my GPS monitors and the metropolitan police, the car was found within hours — in tact! Police are still investigating with CCTV and forensics but who knows… Maybe our theft will lead to uncovering a big grand theft auto ring!

But the past few weeks haven’t been only fuelled with robbery… I finished two brand new singles and I’m excited to get started on filming the video! So watch this space for the release of “Dance the night away” in 2014!


This past month has had me in a whirlwind (for a change!) starting with the most recent and hilariously fun event — I had the pleasure of being on the red carpet for the “Anchorman 2” premiere in London! Check me out with Steve Carrell and the boys from Made In Chelsea.


You can read all about the crazy evening of 70’s anchorman fashion and how I may have pulled off my best “Veronica Corningstone”.


I also bumped into James Corden walking into the movie.


The week before I had a fabulous time hob-knobbing on another red carpet with the Kardashians who were launching their new dress range for Lipsy London.


The amazing Simon Webbe from Blue and the lovely Roxanne Pallett.


I also got to attend the British film premiere of “It’s a Lot”. The press are always curious about my collaboration with Snoop Dogg!


The other day I had an industry drinks party at the Sanctum hotel and I spent a good part of the evening chatting away to Katie Weissel and Joe McEldrey.


I also had such fun at Now Magazine’s Christmas party and met up with the lovely Luke Friend who made it to the X Factor Finals!


And afterwards I popped round to Rita Ora’s private birthday bash at The Box! She was definitely having a blast — it was such a great crowd and the shows were fabulous!


I’m also excited to be working on a new “top-secret” venture in the fitness field — tying in my music of course! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to tell you what my big secret is so watch this space

for “Stae-Fit” coming your way!

Again, I’d like to wish you all a fantastic holiday season and a healthy and happy new year!

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Stae xoxo!


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