Can’t Keep It A Secret Any Longer!

16 Sep Can’t Keep It A Secret Any Longer!





One of my dearest friends at CBS News always tells me to “never bury the headline” so I’m just gonna say it right upfront…  I’ve been cast in a TV musical drama here in the UK!! It’s awesome news! I play a really fun and complex character called Samantha — one of the lead roles — and I am sooooooo excited to start rehearsals next week! The cast is absolutely sensational and it features some big-name artists and actors. Obviously more on all that coming soon but keep checking my Facebook and Twitter feeds to get all the up-to-date info!



After a whirlwind summer, I finally got back to London just in time to perform at Hertfordshire Pride! One of the most fabulous days! My seven year old daughter and her friends were soooo excited to come see the show. Check them out in the press pit behind the barricade by clicking on the picture pointing their little fingers!


Summer happened to be absolutely wonderful — from Croatia to California to Cape Cod and everywhere else in between.



And inevitably,  I also ended up being nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which as most of you know was a huge success this summer raising hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.

I then in turn nominated a few of my friends, including Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea which ended up in the Daily Mail.

Don’t forget to donate to ALS !

Click here to see it!



At one of my meetings last week for the new TV show, guess who I has the pleasure of sitting next to? Seriously one of THE cooooolest musicians/producers ever! I was mesmerised. And of course…. HAPPY!


Me with the amazing Pharrel and one of the cast in the new TV drama I will be in, the gorgeous and talented actor/singer Andrew Derbyshire.


Dress by Veronica Toscano

Last week my husband and I had the opportunity to go to Elton John and David Furnish’s amazing bash at their home for the Elton John Aids Foundation charity. I was styled head-to-toe in stunning diamonds by Vashi Dominguez and had to have a massive body guard follow me around! A weird (but fun!) feeling I have to say…


The party was a ton of fun and a proper schmooze-fest although very intimate. Elton and David’s gardens were so lovely. They have a  beautiful pond behind their house with a row boat and their adorable kids were running around (so cute and luckily Elton kept them close by and away from the water.) We were all incredibly privileged to be entertained by Gary Barlow, Chrissy Hinde, James Blunt and of course Elton himself.


At the end of the night, I walked by David on our way to see Fat Boy Slim who DJ’ed under a marquee. It was a lovely evening.



As you might know already, I am now on Instagram and slowly getting addicted to it! I actually post some funny pics and videos, and share my every day life with you! Make sure you check it out and watch my new artwork addition video with Barbie!


I will be recording a new Dance EP next month, but until then, make sure you give Dance The Night Away a listen, as well as all of the amazing remixes by different DJs. You can also give it a look by watching thevideo clip, which is hilarious!


Before I start rehearsals for the TV show, I have been focussing on my StaeFit line of fitness wear. Samples are starting to arrive from the manufacturer and it’s sooooo exciting to see how my ideas on paper are now turning into proper real garments that will change how you feel about work-out gear!! Stay tuned for the launch of StaeFit in spring of next year!!


StaeFIT, StaeHAPPY and StaeINTOUCH all!


Lotsa love,

Stae xxxx